Hospital Homebound Services

The school district provides support to students who are unable to attend school for medical reasons. The hospital homebound teacher works with elementary and secondary students who have not been allocated support teacher time through a special needs designation at their school. Instruction is provided at Ridge-Meadows Hospital or in the student’s home. Students typically receive two to three hours of support and/or direct instruction each week.

Students work on assignments in the core academic subjects areas. As one of the goals of the program is to maintain continuity with the classroom, students generally use the same texts and materials as their classmates to complete exercises assigned by their classroom teacher(s).

Contact Procedures

Contact the school-based classroom teacher, support teacher, counsellor or administrator. He/she will complete the Learning Services referral form and forward it to Learning Services. A physician’s authorization form is also required (available at the school and under Resources for Parents below).

You may contact Marc Beaudet, Hospital Homebound Teacher, at 604-467-1101 for more information about hospital homebound support.

Resources for Parents

Physician Request Form (.doc)

Resources for Staff

Learning Services referral form (available on the support teacher handbook page or speak to your school’s support teacher)

Information for counsellors (.doc)