Our Beliefs on Inclusion

The Board believes all students are entitled to learn together in an inclusive environment for their shared benefit. Inclusive schools celebrate uniqueness and diversity and enhance the dignity and self-respect of all students.

Guiding Principles

Inclusive schools:

  • have environments that are flexible, provide for age-appropriate placement, transcend location and support student learning;
  • have educators who seek to understand and accommodate the diverse learning needs of all students to support individual academic, social, and personal growth;
  • actively support, promote, and welcome collaborative consultation with parents/guardians and all educational partners;
  • require a flexible learning environment where curriculum adaptations and modifications are assumed, ensuring curriculum relevance and accessibility for all students;
  • actively work with other agencies and community organizations to facilitate access to services for children and families.

Our Mission

Learning Services works in partnership with schools, families, and the community to promote student success. We value inclusion, collaboration, diversity, and individual achievement. In working towards this mission, Learning Services will:

  • Promote the inclusiveness of all students within local schools
  • Treat each person as valued and unique, with dignity and respect
  • Recognize the classroom teacher as central to student success
  • Collaborate with school teams and parents in developing and monitoring individual education and support plans
  • Ensure that the policies, processes, and structures of Learning Services promote quality, effectiveness, efficiency, and accessibility
  • Continue to engage in self-reflective learning opportunities that focus on evolving best practice
  • Collaborate to maximize student success
  • Develop and promote effective communication networks

Learning Services Operational Priorities/Goals 2015/16 – 2017/18

To view our PRIORITIES AND GOALS for 2015/16 to 2017-18 click HERE or on the image above.

Learning Services:  Operational Priorities/Goals

Through an inclusive and collaborative process, the professional staff at Learning Services have identified the following focus areas as operational priorities/goals effective for the 2015-16 school year and through to and including the 2017-18 school year:

  1. To further support teaching and student learning through enhanced cross-professional collaboration across the Learning Services team and with school teams/staff.
  2. To further support teaching and student learning for all students through universal, targeted and intensive approaches.
  3. To further support teaching and student learning in the areas of social/emotional learning.
  4. To further support teaching and student learning through facilitating and supporting learning and professional development with school-based staff (Teachers, Support Teachers, Administration, Instructional Support Staff).