School Psychology Services


  • To consult with school staff, parents, and community agencies regarding students’s strengths and needs and ways to enhance student learning
  • To collaborate with school staff, district staff, students, and parents in gathering information about students’ functioning, addressing students’ needs through the design and evaluation of students’ Individual Education Plan (IEPs).
  • To provide in depth psycho-educational assessments for students referred by the school-based teams, to interpret findings, and to assist in setting educational goals and instructional objectives in accordance with those findings
  • To provide in-service training regarding assessment and educational interventions.
  • To assist in the identification of students with special needs in accordance with the guidelines established by the Ministry of Education

Contact Procedures

  • Student concerns are addressed at the school-based level prior to being referred to the district level
  • Request for school psychology services should be made following the implementation of pre-referral interventions, and after consultation with the school psychologist.